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Buy aquarium fish & aquatic supplies

Welcome to Aquatic Supplies Wales, Swansea's largest independent aquatic retail outlet. Our family run business has everything you need to sustain your hobby. We cater to all your fishkeeping needs. Whether it be aquariums, pond pumps, filters or foods, we are your one stop-shop aquatic store. We offer an extensive range of coldwater, tropical and marine livestock to suit every fishkeeper's needs. We also provide a bespoke pond and aquarium fitting and cleaning service with more than 15 years of experience. Open 7 days a week. Late night Thursday evenings.

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About us

Established in 2011. Aquatic Supplies Wales took the reins from Aquatic Zone, (previously Mill Aquatics within Forestmill Garden Centre). Tom Dodd the current owner has been involved with the previous businesses since 2002.


We strive to give a friendly, well-informed service supported by many years of experience in the industry. We have accounts with all the major aquatic companies. We offer a very popular loyalty scheme which gives a livestock credit to the value of 5% of all your purchases. 

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We are now on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Like and follow us to keep up with all of our updates, including new stock arrivals, deals and discounts, and contact us with any requests or queries.

 We currently have a short article on aquariums and wellbeing, and brief guides on setting up tropical and marine aquariums.

Contact or visit us today at Aquatic Supplies Wales.

Pond maintenance

We also provide a seasonal pond maintenance service from spring through to autumn. It is important to check the condition of your pond and the health of your fish after the cold winter weather. We are experts and highly skilled, so please contact us in store for more details.

We are specialists in natural stone landscaping.

Installation and maintenance

We provide an aquarium installation and maintenance service for both private and commercial customers across Swansea and the surrounding areas of South Wales. We have vast experience in coldwater, tropical, fish-only marine systems and full reef aquariums, including pipework and sump designs. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information and advice.

Our shop

Our friendly and helpful staff have a wealth of expertise, ensuring that you're equipped with the best solutions for keeping and maintaining aquariums and ponds of any size. Whether you're an experienced fish keeper or a beginner, we can provide helpful and affordable solutions.

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Aquarium fish, coral, invertebrates, live rock and all aquarium equipment

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Freshwater aquarium fish, invertebrates, frogs, newts, turtles, plants, ocean rock and equipment.

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We also stock a wide variety of pond fish and plants.

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  • Q. Can you help with species compatibility advice (which animals can live with one another)?
    A. Yes we can. We are aquatic environment experts. Let us know which animals you are planning to buy and we will advise the best habitat arrangement for them.
  • Q. Can i purchase the larger ticket items on finance?
    A. Yes we are licenced by the FCA to provide financing. All items on our website can be purchased with a finance plan. Please select financing from the checkout or ask instore for more details.
  • Q. Do you have animals other than fish?
    A. We also supply a wide variety of freshwater animals including amphibians like frogs, toads and newts; crustaceans such as snails and shrimps; aquatic turtles; and axolotyls in saltwater. We supply corals of various different types.
  • Q. Do you have fish in stock?
    A. Yes, we stock a wide variety of fish from coldwater to tropical, and from marine fish to outdoor fish (for ponds).
  • Q. Do you provide design and installation and ongoing maintenance services?
    A. Yes, we provide a full service operation. We'll help you choose the aquarium or pond that you want, provide all the necessary parts, install it and provide ongoing after-purchase care and support. Please enquire instore.
  • Q. What types of aquariums do you stock?
    A. We stock freshwater aquariums by: Ciano Leddy Juwel, Freshwater. We stock saltwater aquariums by: AquaOne TMC D-D Clearseal. All in a variety of different sizes from 30cm cubes right up to 180cm by 60cm.
  • Q. Can you provide advice on aquatic environments and their suitability for animals and plants?
    A. Yes we can. For freshwater, we test for ammonia nitrite, nitrate, and PH. For marine aquaria (saltwater) we additionally test for phosphate, KH, magnesium, calcium and salinity.
  • Q. Can you provide an aquarium to my specifications?
    A. Yes we can order aquariums from Clearseal to any specification, the process takes between 3 and 6 weeks.
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