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Freshwater fish for sale

In store at Aquatic Supplies Wales in Swansea, we pride ourselves on providing an exciting and sometimes unusual range of freshwater fish and plants for the beginner and most avid freshwater keeper. We cater for everyone, whether you are an experienced collector or are just starting out.

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Our usual livestock includes guppies, mollies, platys, angelfish, tetras, silver sharks, gouramis, plecos, catfish, goldfish, koi, sturgeon, frogs, newts, turtles, and axolotls, among many others.


We will make sure that you have everything you need to keep and maintain your freshwater system, tropical, coldwater, or pond. From keeping your first fish to breeding and beyond, contact us for our expert advice.

We have an excellent range of aquariums and tanks, high quality foods and equipment, ornaments and decorative pieces, and general fish keeper supplies.

Visit our freshwater fish for sale in store!

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The guys here have an excellent knowledge of fish. They're very helpful and informative. There's a fantastic range of beautiful fish to choose from...cold water and tropical. There's also turtles, coral, plants and tank ornaments, in fact there's EVERYTHING you need to look after your aquarium. Prices are really reasonable and there's a loyalty scheme where you get money off purchases. Would definitely recommend this place
Amanda Hill

For freshwater fish and equipment, call Aquatics Supplies Wales on
01792 448225

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