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Aquarium livestock available to buy in-store and online

We hold a wide range of livestock, including marine, tropical and pond life, with high quality equipment, nutrients and treatments to ensure aquarium health and longevity.

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Our range:

  • Aquariums

  • Pond Pumps

  • Filtration

  • Food and Nutrients

  • Corals & Live Rock

  • Fresh Water Equipment

  • Freshwater Tropical Livestock including Community Fish, Cichlids, Discus, aquatic amphibians and freshwater inverts

  • Indoor, Coldwater, Fancy Goldfish

  • Koi & Other Outdoor Fish

  • Maintenance Equipment

We stock all of the leading brands including New Life Spectrum, Hikari, Nishikoi, NT Labs, Salifert, Tropic Marin, Seachem, Eheim, Fluval, Hydor and Juwel, amongst others.