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Aquaillumination HYDRA 64HD

More LEDs, more power, more colour and more refined! 

Introducing the HYDRA 64HD, with even more LEDs for better colour mixing, wider spread, more colour, more compact, more water resistant, and more refined, all without sacrificing anything that made the 52HD, 26HD and PRIME HD great.

With over 20% more LEDs, the Aquaillumination flagship lights just got more power to grow coral, making them eye-blindingly bright. Vibrance is improved with deeper blues and brighter whites, your corals will pop like never before.

AI has always listened to the feedback from hobbyist, retailers and aquaculture facilities. As time goes on, they continue to shape their lighting products to meet and exceed the expectations of the community, for better performance, greater reliability and improved ease of use, understanding that to be your first choice for aquarium lighting they must always be delivering the best value in performance, features and support.

They have been perfecting this design for years and every detail has been meticulously attended to. We think you’ll love the end result.

  • Improved Features:

    • More LEDs
    • More PAR
    • More spread
    • Improved optic design
    • Improved water resistance
    • Thinner profile
    • Dedicated Moonlight Channel
    • Wider spectrum (channels)
    • Easier and faster to connect to MyAi app
  • Introducing Hyperdrive™ Technology

    When Hyperdrive™ HD Technology was introduced with the previous generation of AI lights it revolutionised the way that the LED colours could be controlled, bringing more power and color where you want it, for your corals and fishes, plus the freedom to use your smartphone or computer as a controller.

    This unique innovation in aquarium lighting allows you to direct power from the LED colours you have turned down to use with the colours you want to turn up, providing you with access to the maximum power output of your light, regardless of your choice of spectrum, and creating the most vivid colours in your tank you have ever seen.

    By coupling HD technology with custom, almost optically perfect, 80 degree, colour blending lenses we can direct all of the light into the aquarium, exactly where it is needed, providing optimum PAR with minimal light loss or annoying glare for the observer.

  • Perfect Colour

    Continued development has seen AI achieve the perfect colour spectrum for the reef aquarium straight from the box, with strong emphasis on the crisp blue white hue that serious hobbyists in Europe demand.

    From this perfect starting point the lights can be controlled to an almost infinite range of colours that can be varied continuously throughout the day.

    LEDs include:
    • 4 Cool White
    • 4 Blue
    • 4 Royal Blue
    • 1 Photo Red
    • 1 Green
    • 1 Violet
    • 1 UV
    • 1 Moonlight

  • Power Output

    Plenty of growing power along with HD functionality makes the Hydra one of the most powerful LEDs AI has ever made. With HD, when you turn down the intensity of one color, you can use that available power to increase color intensities you desire.

  • Dedicated Moonlight

    A dedicated moonlight LED and channel has been added in the new Prime 16HD, Prime Freshwater, Hydra 32HD and Hydra 64HD fixtures which simulates natural lunar color and intensity.

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