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Call us on: (01792) 44 82 25
Open Mon-Sat:10-6pm Thurs:10-8pm Sun: 10-5pm

Unit 7, Kingsway, Queensway Business Park
Fforestfach, Swansea. SA5 4DT

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Welcome to Our Store


Aquatic Supplies Wales is one of the UK's premier outlets for coldwater, tropical and marine fish. We pride ourselves in providing quality services and market leading products.

In store

Our friendly and helpful staff have a wealth of expertise to ensure that you are equipped with the best solutions for keeping and maintaining aquariums and ponds of any size. Whether you are an experienced fish keeper, or beginner we can provide helpful and affordable solutions.


We have now fully launched our online shop, ready to order. Here you will find our dry goods range: foods and supplements, treatment, equipment and decorations, from the leading brands, for marine, tropical and pond. We are continuously updating and extending our online catalogue to to include all of the items we sell in our retail store, so be sure to check back regularly. Our new store has a wish list to save items to your account to purchase later, and pre-order items for those not currently in stock, for all signed up customers. Click here browse our catalogue.


Aquarium fish, coral, invertebrates, live rock and all aquarium equipment

Click here for more details


Freshwater aquarium fish, invertebrates, frogs, newts, turtles, plants,oceanrock and equipment. Click here for more details


We also stock a wide variety of pond fish and plants

Info Pages

Check out our new info pages section. We currently have a short article on aquariums and wellbeing, and brief guides on setting up tropical and marine aquariums. Be sure to check back as we will be continually developing this section of the website. Click here to visit the new section.

Contact or visit us today at Aquatic Supplies Wales.


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