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About Us

Aquatic Supplies Wales is one of the UK's premier outlets for coldwater, tropical and marine fish. We pride ourselves in providing quality services and market leading products. We retail both online and in-store, click here to visit our online shop.

Our shop

Our friendly and helpful staff have a wealth of expertise to ensure that you are equipped with the best solutions for keeping and maintaining aquariums and ponds of any size. Whether you are an experienced fish keeper, or beginner we can provide helpful and affordable solutions.

Iinstalllation and maintence

We provide an aquarium installation and maintenance service for both private and commercial customers across Swansea and the surrounding area. We have vast experience in cold water, tropical, fish-only marine systems and full reef aquariums, including pipework and sump designs.

Pond Maintenance

We also provide a seasonal pond maintenance service through spring to autumn. Please contact us in store for more details

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